The Consortium (Google Maps)
The Consortium’s Front is located at 3220 1st Avenue South, Seattle, Washington. The street is fairly steady during the day and becomes quite vacant by late evening. The front of the building is the Consortium’s ‘Front’ and serves as a neighbourhood pharmacy. The Consortium’s ‘Private Entrance’ is located past the front gate and within the driveway. Full security protects unauthorized individuals from gaining access to the interior building unnoticed.

Consortium front 1
The Consortium’s Front (Parker’s Pharmacy)

Consortium front 2
Consortium front 3
More street views of the Consortium’s Front

Consortium south
South Horton Street (southern side of the block)

Consortium south east  back  corner
Occidental Avenue South and South Horton Street (southeast corner of the block)

Consortium east back
Consortium east 2
Occidental Avenue South (eastern side of the block and back of the building)

Consortium north east  back  corner
Occidental Avenue South and South Hanford Street (northeast corner of the block)

Consortium north west  front  corner
South Hanford Street and 1st Avenue South (nortwest corner of the block)

Closeup 2

Aerial/Satellite Map – Closeups

Consortium and grindhouse
Aerial/Satellite Map showing the Consortium (A) in relation to the Grindhouse (B) and surrounding area.


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